Want a Job? How Good is your Pitch?


“I don’t know where I’m going wrong. I think my CV is good but I’m just not getting any interviews”

Have you heard or even muttered these comments? Quite often the problems for job seekers aren’t the application forms or the interview style. What you must remember now though is that applications and interviews only make up a small part of THE PITCH.

Regular updates in the press tell us that the jobs market is the most competitive it’s ever been. In our small town of Lancaster I recently spoke to a packaging production company who had over 100 applications for an office admin role. How on earth do you guarantee getting through the filtration of that? For such high competition you are almost relying on luck as well as judgement.


The pitch starts even before you get the job. If you are in job seeker mode or new job mode relying on advertised vacancies will only slow you down. Over 60% of jobs (percentages vary depending on source) aren’t advertised. Start researching the types of company you want to work for and make contact. NETWORK like you’ve never networked before. Identify the important people in the company who could influence you getting a job. Do you know anyone who works there? Use them to find out who would be a good person to speak to. Get on the radar even before the job gets advertised. Use social media to make contact and initiate introductions.


KEEP IN TOUCH. The relationship doesn’t stop there. Add new contacts to your Linkedin and keep in touch with people. If the company launches a new sales initiative or introduces new products send a message to enquire how this went. Don’t fall off the radar.

What do I do in the meantime?

Keep working. Stay in the job you’re in, go temporary through agencies. You may even get the job you want straight away through an application. The activities above are solely designed to improve your chances of getting the job and career you want. It’s like becoming a successful entrepreneur; 1% of entrepreneurs will make millions over-night, for 99% success is a longer journey.

Five other things you can do to improve your chances are:

Follow companies on social networks and identify key points of contact.

– Ask for informational interviews and coffee chats to find out more about future roles.

– Get a professional to review your CV to make sure it’s perfect every time.

– Make sure your Linkedin Profile is up to date and hyperlink it to your CV.

Blog to strengthen your personal brand.

What have you done to improve your chances of getting a job? Who in your network helped you to get the job you want? Please comment below.

Daniel Knowles is a Careers Coach with Lancaster ICV and a Project Manager in Careers at Lancaster university.


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